parent's feedback

Thanks to StarKID21st teachers, children learn through English, not only did I make great progress, I got full marks many times, my confidence in English expression was also greatly improved. I dare to express my ideas. I became good friends with my teachers, and I often shared my emotional stories, handwork, and paintings.
- Tiger, Guangzhou.

Both my child and I feel this is a very good program and I have recommended it to others. I watch my teacher's feedback after each class. Can feel that every teacher is very attentive.
The child enjoyed the class without any bad feeling
- Elsa, Xi’an.

Hello! This program is very good, pure English, easy and interesting teacher-student interaction, children like it. I have recommended it to friends for their children to receive such a great education. In addition, three times a week, once 25 minutes, not long time, more flexible and good operation. Good operating accessibility on APP.

why us


- Lessons are correlated with the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)
- High quality instructions that are carefully created to fit every learner’s various needs and goals
- Variety of courses to enjoy across all age groups


- TESOL and TEFL certified
- More than 3-year experience teaching English
- Professional, competent, and flexible
- Passionate, goal-oriented, and fun


- User-friendly online classroom
- Best tools that make classes more engaging and interactive
- Real-time feedback of the student’s performance every after class


-Fun, engaging, and interactive activities between teacher and student
- Real-time assessment given for each of the skills taught (speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary, reading writing, listening, and grammar
- Closely monitored classes to ensure the best quality of service
- Support groups made for easy access communication for all your needs and concerns


Goal – oriented and target – based packages suitable to your language needs.

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