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StarKID 21stCentury Learners Today

A. Daily English


Daily English is different from Business English. Daily English is the English that we use daily for basic communication and we usually don’t care about correct grammar structures.




Joke # 1

Wife: had your lunch?

Husband: had your lunch?

Wife: I’m asking you.

Husband. I’m asking you.

Wife: Let’s go shopping.

Husband: Yes. I had my lunch.



Joke # 2

Teacher: Today, we’re going to talk about the tenses. Now, if I say 

“I am beautiful”, which tense is it?

Student: Obviously, it is the past tense.



Joke # 3

Mother: Did you enjoy your first day at school?

Student: First day? Do you mean I have to go back tomorrow?



Joke # 4

Teacher: StarKID, if you had 5 dollars and you asked your mother for another 5, how many dollars would you have?

StarKID: $ 5 Sir.

Teacher: You don’t know your arithmetic.

StarKID: You don’t know my mother.




Teacher: Why are you sleeping in the class?

Student: Your voice is so sweet. It makes me fall asleep.

Teacher: Then why others are not sleeping?

Student: Because they are not listening to you teacher.



B. Common Expressions for Daily Conversation


1. How are you? I’m good. and you?

2. Wow! 

3. That sounds great!

4. Oh, really?

5. I think…….

6. It’s nice talking to you.

7. Did you.....? 

8. See you next time.

9. Talk later.

10.  Why are you_____? (sleeping, talking so loud, angry, sad, so slow....)

11. I haven’t seen you in ages.

12. Where are you originally from?

13. Could/Can you help me?

14. Glad to hear that.

15. I’m sorry to hear that.

16. What does it mean?

17. How do you spell that?

18. What do you wanna (want to) do later?

19. Are doing something tomorrow?

20.Let’s go _____! (shopping, swimming, to the beach, to the mall)


C. 4000 Essential Words by Paul Nation 

With  4000 essential words, you will be able to understand 90% of   everyday English conversation

                Challenge Day #  2   


21. adventure


23. carefully

24. chemical

25. create

26. evil

27. experiment

28.  kill

29. laboratory,

30.  laugh

31. loud

32.  nervous

33. noise

34. project

35. scare

36. secret

37. shout

37. smell

38. terrible

39. worse



D. Reading 

           The Laboratory

Mia’s father had a laboratory, but she had no idea what was in it. Her dad always closed and locked the door when he went in. She knew that he used it to do projects for work. He never told Mia what these projects were.


One night, Mia approached the door to the laboratory. 

She stopped and thought, “ I wonder what crazy experiment he is doing now.” 

Suddenly, she heard a loud noise. It sounded like an evil laugh. The noise scared her, so she walked quickly back to her room.


The next night, her friend Liz came to her house. When Liz arrived, Mia told her about the night before. 

“ Oh, it was terrible,” she said.

“ Why don’t we see what is in there?” Liz asked. “ It will be a fun adventure!” 

 Mia felt nervous about going into her father’s laboratory, but she agreed. As

always, the door was locked. They waited until Mia’s father left the laboratory to eat dinner. 

“ He didn’t lock the door!” Liz said. “ Let’s go.”


The laboratory was dark. The girls walked down the stairs carefully. Mia smelled strange chemicals. What terrible thing was her father creating?

Suddenly, they heard an evil laugh. It was even worse than the one Mia heard the night before. What if a monster was going to kill them? Mia had to do something. She shouted for help.


Mia’s father ran into the room and turned on the lights. 

“Oh, no,” he said. “You must have learned my secret.” 

“Your monster tried to kill us,” Mia said. 

“Monster?” he asked. “You mean this?” He had a pretty doll in his hands. The doll laughed. The laugh didn’t sound so evil anymore. 

“ I made this foryour birthday. I wanted to give it to you then, but you it now. I hope you like it!”


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